2007,  HDV 16:9,  Video film,  Duration: 3 mins

Referencing the paintings of Zurbaran, Cordero is one of a series of sublimely beautiful “video paintings” made whilst ZATORSKI + ZATORSKI were artists in residence at Durham Cathedral.

A bound lamb lies on a stone slab, its soft fleece and serene face bathed in dramatic chiaroscuro lighting. The static abdomen and the ring of crimson decorating the lamb’s nostril point to the absence of life. This utter tranquility is only broken momentarily by the arrival of a finch, both symbol of Christ in Western Art and the species which inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The time-based nature of video is deftly employed to capture the utter stillness of death. There are exactly 2 minutes of silence. Cordero explores the limbo of that space between this world and the other.