2005,  DV 4:3,  Video film,  Duration: 22 Mins,  Edition: 9

The butterfly is symbolic of the soul or spirit and with its metamorphosis, the passage from life to death and resurrection. In their film Kokoro, Z+Z present us with a surreal micro-drama played out by two butterflies around the arena of a female belly button.

Z+Z touch on the complex nuances of violence. We are left constantly guessing as to the relationship of the protagonists – are they lovers or rivals? Or are we witnessing the cruel and sadistic games of a psychopath?

With their re-appropriation of a melodramatic, scale swelling, Bernard Herrmann score (Vertigo), Z+Z ultimately question and subvert our expectations, drawing on our Hitchcock-ian cinematic associations. The beautiful visuals, which move from being realistic to a sumptuous, painterly, hyper-reality by the end of the piece, add to the dream-like and surrealist quality of the drama.