Wings for the Whale


Wings are an incredibly strong and defined symbol in the common consciousness with the clear resonance of freedom and transformation. To us wings also spell connection – a pairing needed to function successfully, or conceptually to connect us to a higher plane. To give wings is to enable, to allow to soar.

We created this piece both in order to connect to an audience that might wish to own a piece of our artwork, but not have the space for larger works and to “give wings” to the next stage in our journey with De Walvisch, our 18th Century sailing ship. All proceeds from the sale of this work go directly into needed maintenance and development of the ship so that we can continue her adventures and once again open her hatches to adventurous guests.


Memento (diptych) is an ink impression hand-printed on Japanese paper, taken directly from a pair of canary wings. Each print is A5 size, pinned and mounted onto separate A4 archival boards, meaning they are each A4 frame-ready. Memento is a limited edition of 100, each unique and individually numbered. Sale price includes secure delivery to a UK address, if you require International postage (to any non-UK country), please also click to purchase International postage.



A5 (each)/ Edition of 100 variations
signed and numbered


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Non-UK delivery
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